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To: ureshiiichigo
From: Joanne
Fandom: Doctor Who
Threesome: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness
Title: Hidden Talents
Requested Element: Fluffy
Warning: no standardized warnings apply
Notes: Set in Pete's World with the Tenth Doctor. Contains no explanation how Jack from our universe is in that universe.
Summary: Jack has a very erotic first time with Rose and John Smith (Metacrisis Doctor).

Jack knelt on the bed, whimpering as he pulled on the handcuffs, unable to see what was coming next. He was blindfolded, which felt kind of unfair, but when he'd agreed to whatever John and Rose wanted, he'd found that one - or both - of them was a lot kinkier than he'd imagined. Probably Rose, it was always the quiet ones. Then again…

It had all seemed so easy when he'd had Rose squirming on his lap, his hands teasing places that might not necessarily be a good idea in public, but she'd begged so prettily for more. John had been watching, slightly amused, from across the table in the club. Jack hadn't had a notion that he wanted to join in until Rose had murmured it into his ear. He was happy with that, he'd been attracted to John as well, well, John and the Doctor and both of them and it was all kinds of difficult to think straight really, but it was just easier and more publicly acceptable for him to come on to Rose, and it wasn't like she wasn't adorably hot, either, he'd always thought so.

The squirming in his lap had continued back at Rose's flat, and his hands hadn't bothered to keep even the slightest touch of public respectability when the only other person in the room was John, who was still watching. Jack had wondered about that, but Rose had given an extra hot squirm at the point where he'd been going to ask, and the feel of her ass against his cock had stolen his power of speech, or at least that was his excuse. His hands were between her legs and he was just teasing her about not wearing panties, when he'd looked up to see John dangling a pair of handcuffs, and Jack had laughed. He slid a finger inside her, praising how wet she was for him, and teased her clit, her moans going right to his cock. He'd fully expected to put the cuffs on her, but it hadn't turned out that way. Not that he minded…

He'd made her come, still under that weirdly intense gaze of John's, and he'd slid back, opening his pants to let his cock out, about to ask her if she'd suck him. She'd shaken her head and before Jack had even realised, she'd slipped a cock ring around his cock and balls. He wasn't opposed to that, but then John had told him to get up and go into the bedroom. Jack had somehow done so, walking with the biggest hard-on he could ever remember having, but the ring made it a little easier to walk. He was starting to wonder what would happen next, John was so quiet, and Rose, while lovely and pliant, was kind of distracted too. It was easy to put John’s quiet contemplation down to his alien nature, but it still felt very weird.

Waiting for them, Jack almost decided to say he would leave, but then he saw John's hands slide the blindfold over his face, as Rose started to fasten the cuffs around his wrists.

"You're not to say a word," John said, in that infuriatingly sexy voice. "Just stay here and take what we give you. Rose and I have been planning this for a while... so you are our toy right now. Okay? You can answer."

"Yes," Jack said, proud that his voice wasn't trembling. "Sir."

"Good boy," John said. "You understand."

Jack did, and now he was getting excited. He wished he could talk. Did he have a safeword? He cleared his throat.

"Yes?" John asked. "Quickly, if you want to talk."

"Just wondering if I have a safeword or an action, Sir," Jack said. "And do I have permission to moan, make noises?"

"Red, and we'll make sure you can talk if needed," John said. "And yes, make all the noise you want that isn't speech. You are okay with this?"

"Yes," Jack said. "Green, Sir."

"You really are a good boy," John murmured. "Being a good boy gets rewards. Rose, I think he should get to taste you now. You should be able to get in front of him."

"Yes, Sir," Rose said and Jack could hear her moving, then he could feel her skin on his and he wished he could touch her tits, but then he could smell her pussy and he didn't need the gentle push on his neck that was too hard to be Rose to move forward. His nose landed in her pussy and he moved up slightly, tongue moving out to trace her pussy lips. She was clearly on the pillows in front of him, balancing on the bedhead with her arms - he could imagine her in his mind - and she started moaning as he ran his teeth over her clit very gently.

It wasn't that he'd forgotten John, the other man was too there to be forgotten, but Jack was far more interested in Rose's pussy than what John was up to, his senses were more occupied with what they had in front of him, and her moans were lovely, too. He sucked on her clit and licked her all over, loving the sounds and movements she made, losing himself in her taste.

That was why the fingers in his ass were such a shock. A good shock, naturally, but he almost bit Rose's clit in surprise. Of course, she loved it and moaned louder, he could feel the shudders as she came under his tongue. Jack could feel John's long, thin fingers inside him, stretching him as he pleasured Rose. He pushed back, moaning as his tongue circled her clit, figuring he would be told to stop by one of them if he should.

"She comes so easy, doesn't she, boy?" a soft murmur in Jack's ear. "But only for those she really likes and trusts, and we'll never abuse that trust from her, will we?" The question was rhetorical, Jack hoped, but he shook his head slightly, anyway. "Good boy," was growled softly and Jack felt his cock jump. If he hadn't been restrained, that would've made him come on its own. "Oh but you’re as eager as she is, I can tell. You're just dying to get your cock into something and fuck until you spill all over, aren't you?" Jack nodded, frantically. "But how are you if it's a cock inside you? Inside that tight little hole that isn't getting very loose, I have to say," John said, though his tone was neutral. Jack knew he wasn't supposed to talk, so he didn't. "Still good, you've been well trained and I would love to hear about that sometime," John said, his fingers stretching Jack and opening him up. "Being good gets rewarded," he said.

Jack wondered what that meant, and he was also amused by John asking – the Doctor had told him to stop with his stories, but he was currently licking up the juices of Rose's orgasm, and he knew better than to ask, even without the order not to speak. Rose wriggled and murmured. "I'd love to feel his cock in my pussy, his tongue is wicked but his cock is so pretty, please, Sir?"

Jack stilled, wondering what John would say. He could feel that he was stretched enough to take a cock now. As much as he enjoyed being there for John to use, he wished he could call him Sir now – being silent wasn’t much fun.

"A Jack sandwich, that sounds like fun," John said. "Not until I say, of course," he said and Jack could hear the frown in his voice. "Once I'm inside this tight hole, you can have his cock inside you," John said, stretching Jack more.

Rose obviously liked this treatment, because she moaned at John's words. "Yes, Sir."

Jack just hoped John would be inside him soon. He really liked the idea of the other man pushing him into Rose's pussy. He gasped when he felt the thickness of John's cock slide over his hole. He moaned, wanting to beg for it, but he didn't need to, John's cock slid a few inches into him, and Jack relaxed as much as he could.

"Get under him now," John instructed Rose. "You'll need to guide him, remember."

Jack felt Rose move under him, and grasp his cock, then gasped as he felt the wet heat of her pussy, tight around his cock. He groaned, again, and then John pushed forward more and he felt his cock sink into Rose. He wanted to tell her how good she felt, but he couldn't, all he could do was whimper and push a little more.

That was when John started to move, and Jack screamed. His throat raw, he pushed back for more cock, then forward for more pussy, until John's hands grasped his hips, and pushed him down, as John sank deeper into him.

Pleasure seemed to form a fog over Jack's mind, and he felt Rose explode under him in her most intense climax yet, which led John to slide him out of her, murmuring in Jack's ear, "She gets so sensitive when she's come like that it hurts to have your cock in her," and Jack nodded his head in agreement or acknowledgement, he wasn't sure which himself.

Rose moved back and started to lick Jack's cock, tasting her own juices on him. Jack groaned, and he wanted to come. He wasn't allowed to speak, though...

"Tell me what you want, you have permission to speak," John growled in his ear then. "Tell me, boy!"

"Please, god, let me come!" Jack cried out. "Please, Sir! Let this boy come!"

Rose's hand, probably in response to an indication from John, unsnapped the ring. Jack held back, though, he knew he didn't have permission and he could cope...

"Come," John rumbled the word into Jack's ear. "Come like the good boy you are."

Jack came, not sure if it was his own need or John's order, but he only knew the pleasure of coming hard, feeling it splash onto Rose's body, and groaning as he felt John's cock swelling inside him, then the wet warmth as John filled him with come. He’d half-expected it to feel different. He panted through John's climax with him, waiting for more.

"He's very good," Rose said, and Jack blinked as John took off the blindfold, watching as Rose unlocked the handcuffs. She massaged his wrists.

"Very good," John agreed, wrapping his arms around Jack. "Was it good for you?"

"Yes, Sir," Jack nodded. "Really good and intense."

"Just like we wanted," John said. "So... up for seeing where this goes, if anywhere?" he asked them both.

"You know I'm in," Rose said.

"Of course," Jack nodded. "I get to be toppy with Rose, though?"

"I insist on it," John said. "Maybe even with me sometimes."

"I think that could be arranged," Jack said, barely holding back a moan at the thought of John at his mercy.

"You'll have to earn that," John pointed out. "But I do look forward to helping you get to that point."

"I look forward to watching you both," Rose said.

"We'll all have plenty of that, I'm sure," Jack grinned.

"Duty calls, though, as well as everything elsel," John said. "You want to stay?" he asked Jack.

"There's room," Rose said and kissed Jack's cheek.

"Oh I'm not going anywhere until I have to," Jack answered, and they arranged themselves comfortably in the bed.