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To: GrayShadows
From: Alice
Fandom: Avengers Movieverse
Threesome: Steve/Tony/Clint (w/ slight Natasha)
Title: Admiration
Requested Element: Competency kink
Warning: author chose not to use standardized warnings
Notes: I don’t usually write this trio, so please forgive any.txtonsistencies. ALSO, this is the PG-13 version, I have an NC-17 version written and if you want that then by all means message me either on Tumblr (archer973) or fanfiction.net (Asp Pentacle97), I just didn’t want to offend anyone. (The NC-17 version basically is a continuation with an explicit sexual scene at the end). Cheers and Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate!
Summary: Tony enjoys watching Clint and Steve spar a little too much.

“Come on, Stark, put your back into it.” Tony was about two seconds from strangling Barton with his own bow. Lifting himself off the floor, he glared first at Romanoff, who had knocked him to the floor for the fifth time in a row, to Barton, who was lounging against the wall beside the sparring mat with Rogers, smiling gleefully.

“Why don’t you come over here and try it, then, if you’re so eager,” Tony snapped, trying to hide the fact that he was out of breath. It still rankled a little bit that he was getting his ass soundly handed to him by a petite woman with big doe eyes, no matter if she was the Black Widow or not.

“Nat and I have sparred plenty,” Clint replied, grinning at his red-haired partner, who smirked back. “I know I can’t beat her and I have made peace with that fact. Nah, I wanna try out the Cap.”

“Well then, by all means,” Tony said, making a grand sweeping gesture towards the mat and he walked off and grabbed one of the bottles of water they kept nearby, sitting down on the bench. He was joined by Natasha as Clint and Steve took up positions opposite each other.

“You sure about this, Clint?” Steve asked, looking a little hesitant. Tony could understand why. This was the man who destroyed punching bag with one hit. Clint was, after all, only human.

“What, you chickening out on me, Captain?” Clint asked, his voice taunting, eyes gleaming with excitement. “Too much for an old man?”

Steve sighed, very much the picture of the put upon elder. Then he lashed out, fist a blur in the air. Tony was sure that Barton was about to end up on his ass, but the archer launched himself backwards, bending at an impossible angle before using his hands as a springboard to deliver a two-legged kick directly into Steve’s stomach, causing the supersoilder to grunt in surprise and maybe the tiniest bit of pain.

“Holy shit,” Tony murmured, surprise coloring his tone. He had had no idea that Barton could fight like that. Sure, Legolas was deadly at a distance, but Tony had always figured up close he was at a serious disadvantage. This was obviously not true as Steve grabbed one of his legs and tried to sweep the other on out from underneath him, only to have Barton the leg he had been standing on around Steve’s waist before leaning backwards and punching the other man in the knee, causing him to stagger and thus allowing Barton to get loose.

“Oh, it’s on, Clint,” Steve said, the barest hint of a growl coloring his voice. Tony felt something deep within him jerk at the sound of that voice. He could feel himself start to grow hotter as he watched the two men exchange blows, Barton using his extremely flexibility (honestly, how the hell did the man bend like that without tearing something?) to avoid some of Steve’s heavier hits while the Captain used his enhanced speed and reflexes to deflect the archer’s fierce, rapid-fire strikes.

Holy hell, this is hot, Tony thought as he watched his teammates grapple, muscles stretching and flexing, sweat starting to form on their bodies, their breathing becoming heavier and punctuated with grunts when the other landed a particularly well-placed hit. He could feel his blood starting to move south as the pair continued to tussle, neither gaining the upper hand, causing his pants to start to feel uncomfortably tight. He glanced over at Romanoff as he shifted, trying to ease his suffering. She was watching the fight intensely, but Tony swore he could see a slight smirk on her lips.

He turned his attention back to the fight just in time to see Barton strip off his shirt and toss it to the side. For a moment Tony’s brain short-circuited. Barton wasn’t ripped like Steve was, but he was built, all sharp angles and flat planes. Tony swallowed, mouth dry, as they went back at it with renewed vigor. Now he could watch Barton’s back and abdomen muscles stretch and contract as he twisted around Steve like a deadly dancer, blocking the soldier’s blows and attempting to land his own.

Tony’s manhood gave an almost painful throb as Steve flipped Clint, only to have the archer wrap his legs over Steve’s shoulder and pull the soldier with him, causing them to land with Steve’s face very close to Clint’s crotch as the archer straddled him. Steve immediately flipped them, using his superior strength to pin Barton to the floor. Tony nearly moaned at the sight of Clint, half-naked, laying on the floor with Steve between his legs, mentally taking a snapshot and storing it away for later.

“They’re quite a sight, aren’t they?” Natasha asked quietly. Tony looked over at her, unsure of how to respond, until he saw the smirk on her face as her eyes darted down towards his bulging pants then back up to his face. She knew exactly what he was thinking and he could see an answering gleam in her own eyes.

“I never knew Barton was that cut,” Tony replied, looking back at the mat, where Steve had stood up and offered a hand to a smiling Clint, who took it good-naturedly, commenting on how Steve was pretty badass for a senior citizen. “Or that flexible.” Natasha chuckled.

“Oh yes, Clint takes great pride in his flexibility, in every way,” Natasha said, looking at Tony pointedly.

“Huh, never figured Robin Hood as one to bat for both sides,” Tony replied, looking at Clint with renewed interest. “Always figured him for a ladies man, myself.”

“He’s always said, and I quote, ‘Male, female, it doesn’t matter to me, if I find them attractive I’ll fuck ‘em,’” Natasha said, smiling slightly as she watched Steve and Clint rib each other playfully.

“Is that so?” Tony mused, eyes still tracking Barton, enjoying the way he stretched, cooling down from the fight. “Well, I may just have to put myself in his path after that little display.”

“You like it, don’t you, that they’re both so good at what they do?” Natasha asked, studying Tony now, who shrugged.

“I guess you could say that,” he replied, eyes drifting to Steve as he pulled off his sweat-soaked shirt, revealing the truly delicious torso beneath. “Something about knowing that they have those skills, all that potential, all locked up inside when they’re off the clock, just gets me hot. The best sex is with people who are.txtredibly skilled with their bodies, like you for example. I bet you’re a beast in the sack.”

“I suppose,” Natasha replied, shrugging. “Never really had anyone tell me that, but then again, I’ve killed almost all my past bed partners, so…”

“So, you and Barton, have you guys ever…?” Tony asked, trailing off and raising his eyebrows suggestively. Natasha just smiled mysteriously.

“He wants to, you know,” she said, switching topics.

“Who does?” Tony asked, momentarily distracted by Steve leaning down to touch his toes. Man, that ass should just be illegal.

“Clint,” Natasha replied, rolling her eyes, though she too was enjoying the view.

“Wants to what?” Tony asked, brain still not computing anything but the wonderful way Captain America’s pants fit over his highly muscled rear.

“Fuck you,” Natasha said, impatience clearly showing in her voice.

“How’s that?” Tony asked, momentarily distracted from his admiration.

“Clint wants to fuck you,” Natasha said, enunciating her words as if she was talking to someone hard of hearing. “He’s said he wants to, I quote, ‘Bang Stark so hard that that brilliant brain of his will completely shut down.’”

“Oh really?” Tony said, feeling another throb from down south at that statement. “What about Rogers? Any word on whether he wants a piece of the sex god that is Tony Stark?”

“Jury’s still out on the Captain,” Natasha replied, rolling her eyes as Tony’s last comment. “But let’s just say that there were some very interesting reports concerning him and his friend Bucky. Things the army looked the other way about.”

“Hmmm,” Tony said, looking at Steve, who was still joking with Clint, wondering just what the army had wanted to remain hidden about their precious Captain.

“Why are you telling me all this?” he asked suddenly, turning and looking at Natasha sharply, who didn’t f.txth, merely looked at him, that self-satisfied little smirk back on her lips.

“I want to watch,” she said simply, grinning wolfishly while her eyes flashed with heat. Tony swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry again. Images of Natasha, flushed with arousal and writhing with pleasure while he did unspeakable things to her partner and leader, sent burning pulses of arousal through his body.

“Hey Captain, Barton, would you mind showing me that last move one more time?”