[I saw three ships]
To: cero_ate
From: Joanne
Fandom: Avengers Movieverse
Threesome: Clint Barton/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Title: The Beginning Of Always
Requested Element: After battle clean up
Warning: no standardized warnings apply
Summary: Darcy takes Steve's virginity, with a little help from Clint.

“That was…” Clint paused. “Well, it was a hell of a lot easier than Lebanon, which I guess is about all I can say for it.”

“Where’s Lebanon?” Steve asked.

”Middle East,” Clint answered. “I’ll show you sometime. On a map,” he added. “Trust me, that’s the only place you want to see it.”

Steve nodded, trying to clean up the blood on Clint’s forehead, frowning. “You sure you don’t need to see a doctor? I could call Dr Banner…”

“I said I’m fine. All I need’s a little rest, maybe a drink, and I’ll be fine. Come on, Captain, let your hair down for once.”

“I don’t know, I like my hair up better,” a new voice entered the conversation. “So how about you let me look you both over?” Darcy asked, walking up to them.

“Because you’re qualified?” Clint asked, sarcastically.

”Miss Lewis, I’m sure you must be or you wouldn’t offer,” Steve answered.

”It’s Darcy, and I am qualified to do First Aid – kind of a requirement when you’re working on something where you’re out in the desert for days and might need to take care of a snake bite or something like that,” she said. She walked over to Clint and kissed him, noting the .txte. “No more than that for you tonight, then,” she said. “Though I may let you cuddle up with me, because you love doing that, don’t deny it.”

“Oh come on, a few pain pills and I’ll be pounding you through the mattress,” Clint answered.

Steve flushed. “I’ll make arrangements to stay with Dr Banner,” he said.

“No, don’t,” Darcy said, turning to him. “I mean unless you really want to.”

Clint inhaled sharply. “Tonight?”

“If the Captain pleases,” Darcy nodded. “So, are you ready to take one more step into the modern world, Captain Rogers?”

”Now,” Steve said, “I think it’s a little unfair for me to use your first name if you don’t use mine. Especially given what you’re proposing.”

“I always did want to take a man’s virginity,” Darcy smiled. “I mean, we’ve done stuff, all of us, and sure, Clint’s had that gorgeous ass of yours, but…”

“But you want to be my first woman,” Steve said. “I want that too,” he said. “But I want it to be right.”

“How’s that?” Clint asked.

“Remember what I did before our first time?” Steve asked him.

“You… took me out to dinner?” Clint said. “You want to do that with Darcy?”

”Well, I was thinking we could stay in, as you, Mr Barton, aren’t really fit for all the exertion of dressing up and going out,” Steve said. “I can cook for us.”

“He cooks too?” Darcy asked. “I think I may have found the solution to finding the ideal man. Take two,” she laughed. “Well, if you can handle it.”

“I’m not so sure you can,” Clint teased.

“I, on the other hand, am sure you can,” Steve replied to Darcy, then giving Clint a challenging look. “Perhaps a true word is being spoken in jest? Do you think you can’t handle us both?”

“I can handle both of you and more,” Clint said. “I could handle you both right now.”

“Big words, when you know I won’t let you,” Darcy said. “But if you rest up, we might let you join us after dinner. But you have to go take a nap after I get you cleaned up.”

”Like I’m going to turn that down?” Clint asked. He reluctantly let Darcy take his shirt off and clean up the cuts and bruises under it.

“Now rest,” Darcy said. “Steve said he’d cook, and I am going to type up the report,” she said. “Then we’ll eat, and see where the evening takes us.”

“I feel like you’re my mom,” Clint grumbled, but he was smiling.

“Oh trust me, I’m so not your mom,” Darcy said. “I’ll take care of you, sure, but you do that when you love someone.”

Steve smiled. “Just accept it, it’s a lot easier,” he said to Clint, before walking into the kitchen and starting on dinner.

Later, after Clint had slept, Steve had cooked steak and potatoes, as well as an amazing chocolate dessert that Darcy thought might be better than sex, though she’d never say that aloud, they went into the living room with glasses of wine, even though Darcy had given a token protest to Clint drinking, but it was just one glass, and it was honestly easier not to argue.

Darcy snuggled up to Steve. “You’ve only had your fingers inside me, and while that’s nice, it’s not exactly the most intimate thing you can do…” she was pressing her breasts against him, and noticing Clint’s reactions as well.

“It felt pretty intimate at the time, feeling Clint’s come inside you too,” Steve said. “But I know what you mean.”

“Open her blouse,” Clint said. “You know you want to know what those feel like without fabric.”

“Who said you got to direct?” Darcy looked over at him.

“Just took it on, unless you have a problem?” Clint said. “Either of you?”

“I could use the help,” Steve said. “I mean, I know what to do, kind of, but…”

“Thought so, and Darcy, you know how quiet you get,” Clint said. “Not that it isn’t hot.”

“Okay,” Darcy said. “But if I say something different,” she said to Steve, “I’ll thank you to listen to me, not him.”

“You got it,” Steve nodded, working on Darcy’s blouse. “How does that… work?” He looked at her lacy bra. “I don’t mean the fastening,” he added. “But how does something so delicate hold, well… all of you?” he reached inside it and stroked the soft flesh of one of her breasts. “There’s a lot for this little bit of fabric…”

“Engineering, and stop thinking about the bra, concentrate on what’s in it, because Darcy’s got amazing breasts,” Clint said. “If you remember, I like having my nipples played with, and that’s something that goes for women too, in general, and I know Darcy does.”

Steve didn’t reply, instead he unfastened Darcy’s bra and let her generous breasts fall free. “So much,” he said, as his fingers traced the shape of her nipples, “and much more interesting than the fabric.” He bent his head and sucked a nipple between his lips, acting on ins.txtt and clearly liking Darcy’s moans if the.txtreased pressure of his teeth – but not enough to hurt – was anything to go by.

”Now the other one,” Clint said after a while, and Steve moved, though he looked up at Darcy and smiled.

”Could’ve done just that a little longer,” he said, then took her other nipple between his lips, and she couldn’t say which was better, she was just happy he was continuing to make her feel so good.

”Now do what you did before,” Clint said, as Darcy slipped her skirt and panties off. “While you keep sucking on her. It’s not hard to do both, trust me…”

Steve slid a hand between her legs, and moved back to speak. “So wet, all for me?” he asked, as he worked her clit between two fingers, his thumb entering her wetness.

“There’s a little for the guy over there,” Darcy admitted, honestly, “but yeah, mostly for you, Captain… oh!” she was startled as he pushed more fingers inside her, but it felt so good it hardly seemed to matter.

“Now,” Clint said. “Move down, use your tongue on her, and make her come, Steve.”

Darcy moved back a little, spreading her legs. “I know you can do it, Steve, come on,” she said invitingly.

Steve was hard in his pants, and he breathed a sigh of relief against Darcy’s clit as Clint removed his pants for him. His shirt had come off at some point that Darcy couldn’t remember, but she was pretty sure she had actually done it, and then his tongue drove all thought of anything but pleasure from her mind.

Steve’s tongue moved up and down and around Darcy’s folds, concentrating on her clit, but she knew he could taste her and feel her other places too, and it all felt so good, she wished it wouldn’t end, but all too soon she was coming into his mouth, moaning.

“Did you want to go on here, or move to the bedroom?” Clint asked.

Steve moved back so he could answer. “I think here,” he said. “It’s all working so well here, and I wouldn’t want to interrupt the flow. Plenty of room on the couch here, after all.”

Clint nodded. “Why don’t you sit and let her sit on you, it’s easier. Unless you want to do it the other way.”

“Darcy?” Steve looked to her.

”He’s right,” Darcy said.

Steve moved back to let her stand up.

”Now sit down, spread your thighs so I can move between them,” Darcy said.

Clint sat back, watching. Unsurprisingly he’d shed his clothes as well, and he was leisurely stroking himself.

”Don’t come,” Darcy said. “One of us will take care of you after,” she added.

“I think I can wait,” Clint nodded.

“I can’t wait for you,” Steve said. “Not much longer, anyway.”

Darcy smiled. “I suppose we can do that,” she lowered onto Steve’s stiff cock, guiding it inside her. “Oh my god,” she said. “So full.”

“Should I be jealous?” Clint asked.

“You should know,” Darcy moaned. “Oh god,” Steve had started to work her clit again.

“Not too jealous, but I bet he feels great inside you. I’d like to find that out myself soon,” Clint said.

“He does,” Darcy sighed, starting to move, riding Steve’s cock. “So good. I want to watch… want to be there.”

“I want to come deep inside you,” Steve said. “Soon. Not lasting long…” he held her hips and started to thrust up, going deeper with each one.

Darcy added a twist with her hips, and moaned. “God, me either,” she said. “It’s all so good…”

Steve came first, then Darcy shuddered and came harder than she had before.

“Wow,” Steve said. “I definitely want to do that again…”

“Me too,” Darcy agreed. “With both of you,” she said. “In bed. Together.”

“Tomorrow?” Clint said.

”Sounds like a plan,” Steve said. “So which of us is taking care of him?” he asked Darcy.

”You,” she said. “Then we can all clean up and get some sleep. We’ll need to rest up for tomorrow…” she grinned.

Steve smiled, waiting for Darcy to move off him, then moving over to Clint, kneeling in front of his chair. “Not that I need it, but if you’d like to direct things,” he said to Darcy, “you might want to torture him with pleasure a little more?”

“I like your style,” Darcy said. “No, just make him come, we can do the torturing with pleasure later, maybe involving both our mouths.”

“Please,” Clint said. “That sounds hot. Oh… oh fuck, yes,” he groaned as Steve’s mouth closed around his cock. He was so on the edge from stroking himself that he only got a few strokes into Steve’s welcoming mouth before he came down his throat.

Steve swallowed it all and moved back, smiling.

“So did you say something about bed?” he asked Darcy. “After we clean up?”

“I did,” Darcy said. “Bathroom, then bed.”

“Works for me,” Clint said, half-pulling Steve in that direction.

Steve offered his other arm to Darcy, and they were laughing as they walked down the hall.