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To: pervyficgirl
From: millenniumrex
Fandom: DC Comics
Threesome: Tim Drake/Kon-El/Jaime Reyes
Title: Home for the Holidays
Requested Element: dealing with families
Warning: author chose not to use standardized warnings

"What were we thinking, exactly?" Kon asked with a slight hint of panic in his voice as he looked out at the packed living room.

"That it was time we were honest with our families, and getting them together at the holidays was the best time to do it?" Jaime responded, taking a sip of eggnog. "If I can tell my Abeula, you can tell your Aunt Martha."

"Do you think they even know what Polyamory is? Maybe they'll just stare blankly at each other."

"Don't worry, if they don't, Milagro will tell them." Jaime grinned awkwardly. "She spends so much time on the internet, we'll never get away with anything while she's around."

"We could still make a break for it before — "

"Too late." came a voice from behind them as the door cracked open. Tim was standing there, looking like he had clearly just gotten out of a fight. Which knowing Tim, he probably had.

"Oh, man. Are you okay?" Kon rushed over to support Tim as he stepped in. Jaime followed as fast as he could without super-speed.

"I'm fine, guys." Tim grinned. "Would you believe that I stopped to break up a liquor store robbery on the way over? I thought visiting El Paso would be a nice quiet break!"

"Never a dull moment around here." Jaime laughed. "But seriously, you're okay? You look — "

"I go through worse than this every day in Gotham." Tim leaned in, gave a quick kiss to Jaime, and then turned around and planted one on Kon. "And if I wasn't good to go, now I definitely am. Everyone's here?"

"Yep." Jaime motioned to the living room. "My whole family, Kon's Aunt Martha, and your…"

"Alfred. He's just Alfred. No other title would do him justice." Tim grinned. "They're getting along so far?"

"Everyone's either baking, watching football, or scheming to destroy us. But that last one's just Milagro, so we shouldn't be worried." Jaime laughed as he peeked his head into the living room again. "No time like the present?"

"Yeah." Tim sighed. "Somehow, this is slightly more intimidating than taking on Killer Croc last night."

"About time!" Milagro yelled as she poked her head up from her video game. "I thought you two got lost in the woods or something."

"You wish." Jaime reached over and ruffled Milagro's hair. "We were just talking. And look! Tim's here."

Milagro crinkled her nose at them. Somehow, she could always tell when anyone was hiding something. And it rarely ended well for the hider.

Alfred, Martha, Bianca, and Jaime's grandmother made their way out of the kitchen, comparing recipe notes and chattering among themselves. The football game was wrapping up, and the smell of dinner was wafting through the house. Soon it would be dinnertime, and everyone knew, you did not break dramatic news over a freshly roasted Turkey. It just wasn't done.

"Um…" Jaime played with his hair nervously. "I guess you're wondering why we all wanted to have Christmas here in El Paso this year."

"It did seem a bit odd." Alfred nodded. "I will admit it is a nice change of pace, however, especially with Masters Bruce and Richard travelling."

"And the farm is so lonely this time of year, with Jonathan gone." Martha nodded. "This was a lovely idea, Conner."

"Well, I'm glad everyone's happy. But we sort of had another reason. We wanted everyone together to break some news."

Tim stepped forward to talk. "I'm sure you've all noticed that we've been spending a lot of time together lately."

"Well, yeah." Alberto nodded. "But you're teammates, and friends. It's only natural."

"And we were, for a long time. But you remember those weeks we were gone, in October? During the Milky War Warrior's Tournament?"

"I can't believe you got kidnapped by an alien fighting league and didn't bring me back anything." Milagro stuck her tongue out at Jaime.

"Yeah, yeah." Jaime reached over and ruffled Milagro's hair. "But it was pretty crazy. We were the only humans there, so we really had to rely on each other to get through it. We became a lot closer during that whole thing, and…well, we're together. We have been since we got back."

"Together?" Bianca cocked an eyebrow at the three boys. "We can see that, but…"

Jaime reached out and took Tim's hand. Conner reached out and took Jaime's other hand. They stood there for a minute, waiting for the thought to sink into everyone's head.


The implications seemed to dawn on everyone in the room at the exact same time. For a second, there was what seemed like eternal silence. Not even Milagro seemed to have any snarky comment to make. It wasn't that anyone seemed upset, or angry, just that no one seemed to know how to react.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, it was Jaime's grandmother who spoke.

"Amor es Amor". She said with a shrug and that sly smile that Elena Leal was known for. And just like that, the tension was broken.

"I'm totally tweeting this!" Milagro said with a laugh.

"Oh, no you're not." Bianca said as she took the Ipad from her daughter before turning to the boys. "If you're all happy, so am I. It's not exactly conventional, but nothing about our life really is."

"Out of all the things my boys have sat me down to tell me over the years, this may be the least potentially life-threatening. So I am happy as well." Alfred said with a smile.

"Well, then, that's settled!" Martha stood up and placed a hand on Conner's shoulder. "You should have told us sooner. Now come on, everyone! Dinner's ready!"

As everyone filed into the kitchen to gather around the table, Tim, Conner, and Jaime hung back and exchanged quick high-fives.

"And you were worried, Kon." Jaime grinned.

"Well, we've got awesome families. We shouldn't forget that." Conner nodded. "Although if we let Ma's food get cold, she'll read us the riot act! Let's go!"

Jaime and Conner walked towards the kitchen. Tim was about to join them when there was a sudden knock at the door. Tim walked over to open it….

"Hey, little brother! Not too late, are we?"

"Dick? Bruce? …Damian?"

"Father insisted that we attend this gathering in this overly hot cow town. I don't see the appeal." Damian figeted with his collar, scowling the whole time.

"Be polite, Damian." Bruce turned to Tim. "It was a close call, but we were able to wrap up business in time."

"Well, come on in! We're about to start eating." Tim found himself suddenly nervous again. "I'll…catch you up on everything that happened while we eat."

And that was sure to be an interesting conversation, Tim thought to himself. Damian would no doubt have dozens of obnoxious things to say. But Bruce and Dick were his family, and family always had a way of understanding.