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To: Lara
From: Joanne
Fandom: Harry Potter
Threesome: Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy/Severus Snape
Title: Snatched Moments
Requested Element: Voldemort wins and the world is dark and these three old friends/enemies cling together
Warning: no standardized warnings apply
Summary: When Voldemort wins and Harry is severely injured, there are often only snatched moments that feel like the old days, but Severus, Lucius and Narcissa make the most of the moments they have.

"Lay back and let me rinse your hair off, Lucius," Narcissa said, her fingers moving through the silk of his hair. It wasn't often any more that they had time like this. Moments where for just a little while it felt like the old days. Enough warm water to have a small, once everyday luxury like bathing together, and Narcissa washing Lucius's hair for him.

"Is this a private bath or is there room for one more?" Severus stood at the door.

"Mmm, it might get crowded, but that can be more fun," Lucius said. "Join us, Severus. It's been too long since it's been all three of us."

"It has," Narcissa said. She moved and Lucius moved, while Severus stripped and there was enough room for them all.

"How's Harry?" was the first question asked, Lucius barely beating Narcissa to the punch.

"Still unconscious, but there's every sign of hope," Severus answered, arching as Narcissa washed him. "Draco's taking care of him and Neville and Ginny are relieving him when he will let them."

"I sometimes wonder if it would have been less cruel to let him die," Narcissa said quietly, her hands working in Severus's hair.

"He was the one who said not to," Lucius pointed it out before Severus could. "Now stop thinking about that. We get little enough time to be alone, the three of us, take these moments and enjoy them," he kissed her gently, a hand moving between her legs.

"Mmm, sounds like a good idea to me," Severus kissed Narcissa's neck. "What do you say, lovely one?"

"You're both right," she said, her voice going reedy as Lucius slid a finger in. "Oh god… you're right."

"She's so responsive," Lucius grinned at Severus. "Almost as much as you are."

"While this is fun," Severus said, a hand cupping one of Narcissa's breasts. "I don't know if we have enough room for more than playing in here."

"We'll play a while and get out later," Lucius answered, stretching up — and not coincidentally sending his fingers deeper inside Narcissa's pussy — and kissing Severus. "You know you like playing and this night we do have some time…"

"Yes," Narcissa said, between moans. "Merlin it's been too long since I've had you both."

"Too long for all of us," Severus said, sliding a hand down to slip a long finger into her pussy.

"Oh god I love both of you inside me, in any way," Narcissa whimpered with pleasure as Severus ground the heel of his hand against her clit.

For a moment, even with pleasure spiraling through her body, Narcissa regretted that they couldn't have longer, couldn't do this over days like they used to. But they couldn't, instead they had to enjoy the short time they did have.

In the old days they'd have made the tub bigger, made love there, then adjourned to the bed, but now… there just wasn't time. Narcissa sighed. "As lovely as your fingers are, I think we should get to bed if we want more than playing." They'd have all night, but it was getting late even now.

Her pussy felt empty when their fingers slid out, but she almost came, watching them lick her juices from each other's hand.

A murmured charm and they were all dry — well, Narcissa was still wet in the only way that mattered, of course. They walked the few steps into the other room and lay on the bed, tangled up and kissing all over each other.

The urgency felt more like it used to now, with Lucius and Severus touching each other as much as they touched Narcissa, one hand each on her, one on each other.

They writhed and moaned and played a little longer — there was no rush, even if they couldn't linger, they had all night, and it wouldn't be the first time they'd taken pleasure in each other rather than slept.

"On all fours, Narcissa," Lucius whispered to her, he was still often the one who chose how she would be, though if Severus itched for something he knew he could ask for it. She moved up, showing her body off to them both.

She shivered lightly when she saw Severus move up, his cock in his hand. She loved any way they both took her but this… for she knew if he was in front of her what was expected, and what Lucius would do… yes, this was her favourite. She opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around his hard prick.

She then felt Lucius's hands on her arse and his cock at her pussy. She would beg him to fuck her were her mouth free, but all she could do was wriggle in a silent plea for him.

That was, naturally, all that was needed, and he slid in fast, which surprised her into a gasp that opened her mouth enough to take all of Severus in, but when he got in he stilled and she smiled around Severus's prick, her husband would always know what got to her.

He was so hard inside her, so big, and it was familiar but so good, and Severus's prick was responding to her enthusiastic sucking. She moved one hand up to caress his balls, and gasped as Lucius finally started to move, his stroke even and just a bit slower than she needed to drive her mad, but he knew that, he knew her body too well now.

There could be protest, but Narcissa never did, she didn't want to. She'd get to come when he was ready, and when she needed it. Her place now was to get Severus off and her mouth and hand worked to do that, her thumb brushing over his hole but not penetrating, it was more a tease than because she didn't want to, he liked her to play there more than Lucius did. She could feel his balls draw up in her fingers and she wondered if she should stop but he wasn't showing any signs of wanting anything else, at least not yet, and then her mouth was flooded with his taste. She swallowed it all, and felt his prick move out of her mouth. She then moaned aloud.

"Oh. Oh!" she sighed with pleasure, licking her lips before watching Severus move back to watch Lucius finish fucking her.

She felt his rhythm change then, to the sharper and faster thrusts she'd loved since the beginning of their marriage, her pussy clenching at his cock. It wasn't long before she felt her walls flutter around his cock and she came, hard, and it wasn't more than a moment later before she felt the warmth of Lucius's come inside her.

They stayed locked together for a little longer, before Lucius slid out of her and they all cuddled up together again.

"We have some time… sleep or energise for another round?" Lucius asked.

"I want to watch you two together," Narcissa said. "I so rarely get that chance."

"Lady's choice," Severus said. "Though she might get her lovely quim attended to as well if she is lucky."

"Perhaps," Lucius said. "But we need some time to recover."

"I'll check on Harry," Severus said.

"I'll get us something to drink," Narcissa said.

"I'll… find something to do instead of laying here lazily," Lucius said and he smiled as the other two laughed.

Snatched moments could sometimes be all the sweeter for their brevity.