[I saw three ships]
To: Clare
From: Maekala
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Threesome: Myka Bering/Helena Wells/Claudia Donovan
Title: We Shouldn't Have To Choose
Warning: author chose not to use standardized warnings
Notes: Rating: PG-13
Summary: Claudia has been watching and fantasizing about HG and Myka from afar since the beginning. Myka and HG aren't unaware.

Claudia watched from across the living room as HG leaned over Myka and pointed to something on the page Myka was reading. Myka glanced behind her and even from this far away, she could see Myka's eyes dilating in arousal. HG's breasts were pressed against Myka's shoulder and HG rubbed herself slightly and Myka's eyes darkened even more.

Claudia's breath hitched slightly and she turned back to her computer screen. If asked, she could not say what was written there, but she could say that she was seeing visions of what the two women across the room could be doing if she weren't there. She told herself she was about to rise and return to her room, but a chuckle drew her attention back to her friends and she saw Myka duck her head and lean her head into HG's neck.

She wondered what the two women were talking about. She'd known exactly when they'd taken their relationship to the next level shortly after HG returned to the Warehouse. They hadn't slept much that night and neither had Claudia. She shared a wall with Myka and the two of them hadn't been very quiet in their activities. Her fantasies, while certainly layered before now, had taken new heights as she listened to the women enjoy themselves night after night. Whenever she heard them start, she always accepted that she needed to stop what she was doing, and enjoy the sounds for herself. It wasn't the same, though.

She'd tried to keep her attraction to them hidden, but she knew she'd been less than discrete more than once. It would be easier if she could just avoid them when her arousal pushed too far to the surface, but something in her kept feeling drawn to be near them until she had to retreat to the privacy of her room to take care of things.

Sighing to herself, she paused the various programs and processes she had running on her computer and started packing her things. She was grateful that they were at the B&B and she wouldn't have to wait long to relieve herself. She glanced up, more out of habit and saw HG pull away from a kiss and start to walk toward Claudia, Myka's gaze moving between HG and Claudia, a wicked smile on her face.

Claudia was frozen in place as HG slowly made her way across the room. She looked to Myka for some guidance, some hint of what was going to happen or what she should do but was met only with that smile. When HG was only an arm's length away, she leaned over the chair Claudia was sitting in, a hand on either arm of the chair, effectively trapping Claudia where she was.

As she leaned closer, Claudia was forced to look up into HG's face and saw fire in her eyes and the same smile. Her eyes darted down, afraid of what her own face would reveal and couldn't help but stare down HG's shirt, her beautiful cleavage hovering so close to Claudia's hands that she had to clench them not to reach out and touch.

"Claudia?" asked HG, leaning a few inches closer and bringing Claudia's gaze back to her face.

Claudia's throat was dry and it took her three attempts before she finally managed to say, "yeah?"

"When you think about us," she started and glanced back to where Myka was still sitting in her chair, though she was now turned and watching them both with rapt attention. "When you fantasize about us," her eyes darted down to Claudia's chest and back up, her head tilting slightly and her tongue appearing and disappearing to wet her lips. "Is it a purely sexual attraction or is there something deeper?"

Claudia's eyes widened and her breath caught. HG's face was a mask of curiosity but, when Claudia looked at Myka, there was an intensity to her face, a wrinkling around her eyes in concentration and Claudia knew her answer was critical. She couldn't say what would happen either way, but she knew honesty was key.

"I, uh," she started and stopped when her mouth was too dry to continue. She swallowed several times before trying again. "I mean, deeper." She swallowed hard at her unintended innuendo. "You're both, uh, really smart and kickass and," she stuttered and had to swallow again as HG started to lean closer to her. "And I've kinda had a crush on Myka since maybe the mirror thing and definitely after Poe's pen," she said, rushing her words. HG glanced back at Myka who somehow looked more interested and had somehow gone from sitting to standing and halfway across the room. Claudia pushed on. "And I've maybe had a thing for you," she started again, looking at HG, "since you saved me from combusting."

Myka appeared behind HG, a hand running across the other woman's back and Claudia wasn't sure who she wanted to focus on until HG leaned closer. They were inches apart and HG's breath was hot on her cheek.

"Good answer," she whispered before closing the gap and capturing Claudia's lips in a searing kiss.

Claudia's brain stopped working and she sat motionless for a moment as she realized that HG Wells was actually kissing her and her lover was standing behind her and, near as Claudia could tell, was encouraging the proceedings. She moved suddenly, reaching forward to pull HG into a deeper kiss and nearly into her lap and wrapping a hand around HG's neck to keep her there.

After several moments they parted and Claudia was left gasping for air and wondering if this was all a dream or if she'd actually just kissed HG while Myka looked on. Myka. She looked past HG's shoulder and saw Myka's pleased expression.

She wanted to say something, anything intelligent, but stopped when Myka grabbed her hand and pulled her upright.

"Come here," said Myka, and Claudia was somehow standing. She hadn't thought her knees had the strength to hold her, but here she was. Myka's arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer. Claudia had a split second to think Myka is going to kiss me before Myka's lips met hers and she was drawn into the other woman's strong embrace.

Claudia responded faster this time, a hand cupping Myka's head and the kiss was deepened by mutual agreement. Myka pulled her away from the chair and Claudia found herself sandwiched between the two women she wanted most in the world when HG moved behind her and started doing wicked things to her neck. She whimpered into Myka's mouth when someone's hands cupped her breast and tweaked a hardened nipple through the fabric of her shirt.

The kiss ended and she leaned back on HG's shoulder, holding onto Myka as her knees failed to keep her upright. She watched Myka's gaze as it took in her state of undoing and looked behind her to communicate something to HG.

"Why?" asked Claudia, her voice husky. She found her legs again and stood straighter, though they were all still hanging onto each other. "Why me? Why now?"

Myka's eyes darted back over Claudia's shoulder before returning to Claudia's face. "Because," she said, her gaze fierce. "You're a beautiful, wonderful woman. Because we both want you." Myka looked back over Claudia's shoulder and Claudia could finally read the expression. Myka was begging HG to put what this was into better words.

"Because," said HG and her breath tickled Claudia's ear and sent heat to her core. "We all want each other in so many ways and for so many reasons and we shouldn't have to choose."

Claudia turned back to look at HG and managed to get both women in her sight. "So this isn't just," she started and stopped when she couldn't get the rest out. "It's not just," she tried again but again fell short.

"No," said Myka.

"This is only a one-time event if that's all you want," finished HG.

"Oh, I want," said Claudia before reaching for HG again and kissing her hard. "I want," she said as she pulled away and turned to kiss Myka. "I want," she said again as Myka and HG chuckled together and kissed each other over Claudia's shoulder and Claudia couldn't help but think it was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen.

"Come show us," urged Myka as she tugged Claudia toward the stairs.

Claudia moved with the two of them. It was far from graceful as they climbed the stairs and made their way to Myka's room. She was just glad that Artie and Pete were at the Warehouse and would be for the foreseeable future. She just hoped that nothing catastrophic happened because she planned to get as much rest as she knew Myka and HG hadn't gotten that first night.