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To: Lady Angel
From: Joanne
Fandom: White Collar
Threesome: Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke
Title: Loving In Paris
Requested Element: Romantic Parisian vacation
Warning: no standardized warnings apply
Summary: As their relationship develops, El decides the three of them need a vacation in Paris to get to know each other on another level.

"I love Paris in the springtime," Neal sang softly as they drove from the airport to the hotel. He grinned over at Peter and El, moving closer.

"Do you know the rest?" Peter teased. "Or is that all you can give us?"

El raised her eyebrow and Neal chuckled in one almost-coordinated movement. "I can give you anything," Neal purred. "You should know that already."

"I left myself open for that," Peter said, and rolled his eyes as El nodded.

"I know it but I'm not going to sing any more in public, plus the French aren't fond of the song, even if it's good publicity for them, or maybe that was the French I knew," Neal said. "Wouldn't want to risk it with the driver, though. The French can get very upset about the strangest things and you wouldn't want me unable to perform…"

Peter wasn't sure if he was grateful or not that the car stopped then, and the driver gave Neal a wink when he helped him with the bags. He did not feel a stab of jealousy at all.

It was also a complete and total coincidence that the moment the bellboy left, Peter's first order of business was to kiss Neal deeply and possessively. Not that Neal complained.

"I guess that answers how we spend the afternoon," El said, watching them intently.

"We can go out if you really want," Peter looked over at her. "After I get Neal off, of course. He's so responsive, El, just like you are. He's hard just from that kiss."

"Not just the kiss, being here, being a part of you, not just the other person…all of it," Neal said softly."

"We can go out tonight," El said. "If we spend the afternoon here, it'll take some of the edge off and we can enjoy a lovely meal and a show before coming back. I am sure if we tried to go out now we'd end up distracted and probably wouldn't even make it out to dinner."

"You really did marry the most wonderful and insightful woman in the world, Peter," Neal said, hands already working on Peter's tie and suit. "It's no wonder I fell for her too…"

In fact, it had been El Neal had fallen for first, his relationship with Peter too complicated to be that easy, but deep down he'd always known there was something there with Peter, just never what it was.

He'd resigned himself to longing from afar, even trying things with Alex and thinking about Sara, but he'd decided it wouldn't hurt to be absolutely sure that there was no hope. He'd chosen a free (ish, because there was never a completely free day when working for the FBI as Peter was fond of saying) day unless you were on vacation.

That was the other reason they were here. El had insisted that although they'd had a lot of amazing sex between shifts and work and everything that got between them at home, they needed some time together, where there were no phones, no "just one minute on the computer", no "just one check of my client messages", where it would just be them, some beautiful art and other places of historical interest. Neal had added the nice big bed in the hotel, which all had agreed would be the best idea.

"You know, as gorgeous as you two are against the wall," El said, "I'd really like to see you both on the bed. Maybe you'd like me naked?" she suggested, slipping out of her jacket and shoes, starting to unbutton her blouse.

"Neal, go strip El," Peter growled softly. "And be quick about it."

Neal was already halfway across the short distance between them as Peter's words died and he kissed El, softly, before unfastening the buttons on her blouse, and moaning when he saw her bra. "My favourite colour," he murmured, kissing her cleavage, licking around the shape of her bra. His fingers were already working on it and a moment later he was sucking hard on one of her nipples as the bra came off in his hands.

El moaned, holding Neal's head to her breast, she was so sensitive there and Neal knew just what she liked by now. She shuddered as he took off her skirt, mouth never leaving her breasts, and he slid a hand between her legs, feeling how wet her panties were.

Peter joined them, having stripped while they were both preoccupied. Neal sighed as his clothes were removed, especially his briefs which were far too tight by now. He groaned into El's breasts as Peter took him in his mouth. He was about to protest when Peter removed his mouth, but glancing down, he saw Peter slip his hand aside and press his tongue against El's clit, making her moan.

"Bed…now," Neal said, his legs already weak.

"El on your back, Neal your mouth on her," Peter said as they made their way. "I love watching that pretty mouth of yours drive her insane," he whispered in Neal's ear. "Make it good."

Neal nodded. "Whatever you want, Peter," he was so grateful to have this. Not that he would object, but he loved doing what Peter liked almost more than he liked doing the things he liked. It certainly had something to do with the fact that their tastes overlapped a lot, of course.

El lay on the bed, legs spread and Neal stopped thinking, crawling up onto it and smiling before pressing his lips to her pussy, then teasing her clit with his tongue, making her gasp and wriggle, the way she always did. He glanced up for a second at the mirror on the ceiling, wondering if the antique look detracted from the inherent cheese factor and decided it did. Especially when El looked like a painting reflected in it. Then Neal settled down to enjoy eating El out, something he honestly loved to do more than fucking her - not that he didn't like fucking her either, of course. He licked long stripes over her pussy lips, teased her clit mercilessly, made her come at least twice, knowing all the while that Peter was watching and getting more turned on.

Neal was hard, yes, but he was more interested in getting El off, knowing Peter or El would take care of him. Even as he thought that, he felt two solid, warm hands on his hips, then on his ass, parting his cheeks and Neal groaned into El's pussy, just knowing what was coming.

Peter's tongue slid over Neal's hole, mimicking Neal's movements with his own tongue, and Neal's cock twitched. He never stopped his attention to El, though, knowing she could see Peter tonguing his ass and groaning, wondering what it would look like to her. He could hear her moans, wondered which were from his attention and which were from watching Peter, but he just felt her come, again, under his tongue and decided it didn't matter at all.

Peter was tongue-fucking Neal enthusiastically, and Neal was so turned on he didn't know what was next. Not until El tugged lightly on his hair. "I want you in me now," she murmured. "Come on, Neal," and she pulled him up, Neal realizing that Peter's tongue never left his ass, even as it teased around his hole and on his cheeks, until he pushed his cock into El's warm, wet pussy and started to fuck, which was when Peter's tongue went into his hole again and Neal growled softly.

"I'm not lasting much longer," he warned both of them, and he stroked into El a few more times before coming, hard, and feeling her pussy tighten around his cock as she came again, too.

He kissed and caressed El gently before sliding out of her, and turning to Peter. "What do you need?" he asked, softly, kissing the other man.

"Not much, you know watching you both works me up," Peter said with a smile.

Neal returned the smile and wrapped a hand around Peter's cock. "Just let me make you feel good. We can fuck later, okay?"

"Okay," Peter gasped, his hips pushing his cock further into Neal's grip. El watched, and murmured promises of things to happen later too, and Peter came all over Neal's hand, then licked it up.

"Right," El said when they were all snuggled together. "I will leave a wake up call for three hours, and we get dressed and go out. No sexual distractions."

"Yes, El," Neal said. "We will try."

"We will," Peter nodded. "I want to show you both off, anyway."

None of them really believed they'd get out of the room without another round, but they would at least try. Neal was a betting man, and he'd never bet against it, though.

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