[I saw three ships]
To: Aris Merquoni
From: Vicky_V
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Threesome: Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner/James Norrington
Title: Rules Of Attraction Are More Like Guidelines
Requested Element: Anything, probably AU as it may well end up ignoring movie 2&3 canon
Warning: no standardized warnings apply
Contains: Bondage, sensation play
Notes: A lot of this was inspired by your Directedíverse, though itís not intended to take part there. Still, thanks for the muses.

There's a part of James Norrington, the part which tucks his hair into wigs and commands ships and circulates at parties, which is currently confined to the very back of his head, where it will, until further notice, remain banished, tucked away and generally ignored. But it still jumps up and down, flails its arms and screams about how this should all be so wrong!

And yet that was the whole attraction of it. Port Royal and its reputation are built on its strict law and routines. Each boat in the harbour is to be recoded and charged a rent, a stern watch is kept on what goods are traded, when and where, Very Important Things are constantly discussed over tea while sat under the shade of trees on verandas, where cooling breezes from the sea brush over them. People walk properly upright, know their place, speech is carefully picked and it can all be so very tediously dull.

But then the routines for the day end, doors close and shutters go down. Uncomfortable clothing is stripped down (but still folded and placed aside, because it's still uniform and needs to be respected, no matter how much Elizabeth's patience begins to thin).

There are heavy sighs amongst Elizabeth's relief to be able to breathe properly again and more promises about how one day she's just going to burn that bloody corset. Complaints get soothed by fingers brushed up her arms and compromises to not send the thing up in flames yet because the colour does so compliment Will's skin tone, (a suggestion which Will glares at him for, but James smirks back because he can still see the tint of a blush on Will's cheeks).

There's no candle lit, no light in the room and the dusk sets in quickly. But the dimming light goes ignored in favour of slipping hands, giggles at stolen kisses and whispered promises on breath which begins to shudder as they draw closer to the bed and feel each other's pounding heartbeats when their skin presses together.

Then after Elizabeth's smiles and Will's burning looks it's come to this. James kneels at the head of the bed with his toes tucked underneath the pillows. The window is open just a little, enough for a gentle breeze to come through and make the curtains flutter. That breeze is cool on his back but his chest, in comparison, is on fire. His thighs are parted and between them sits Will, stripped bare and his hair just brushes the tops of his shoulders. His wrists are bound behind his back and a piece of cloth stretches over his eyes to blindfold him. There's a necktie looped loosely around his throat and it's the end of this which James clasps and pulls on to yank Will just that bit off-balance which means he has to lean back into James' chest.

In his left hand James holds the necktie. His right reaches down and clasps Will's thigh, presses against the heated trembling flesh as though he were holding the man's legs apart. But it's not as though Will really needs to be prompted.

James twitches his fingers, digs his grip into Will's thighs to make him hiss softly and maybe even roll his head back against James' shoulder. He feels Will shudder against him and the same sensation shoots down his spine, right into his cock. But all he can do is drag his tongue across his lower lip and rock his hips ever so slightly to rub himself against Will's backside and draw out more of those little whines of need.

This is as far as he can go for the moment. Here's Will, naked, bound and so clearly wanting but James cannot take him yet. Not until Elizabeth sees fit for him to do so, after she's had her fun trying out all she's learned so far from James and his feathers.

And, of course, typical woman, she's going to take her sweet time.

She kneels in front of them, raised up on her knees with one hand on Will's shoulder and is just a little taller than both of them. Her hair is unbound and falls in graceful tumbles down her back and over her shoulder to draw the eye down, where it dips between her breasts and ends in a neat little curl. In the darkness and the moment, her nipples are hard and her chest heaves as breath shudders through her parted lips. Her dark eyes watch Will so intently and her lips quirk with a smile when he squirms and whimpers in the way she wants him to.

Her chest is bare but she wears a pair of trousers low on her hips. (Will's trousers. Sorry, but a Commodore's trousers just should not be used for illicit sex games because it's just his luck that somebody will notice a hard-to-explain stain the next day which he previously managed to miss.)

The feather held with such delicacy between her fingers, she sweeps it over all those sensitive places she knows of, found through touches which at one time were nervous, fumbling and a little unsure of if it were even all happening. But Elizabeth is nothing is not adaptable (James can think of no other female who would handle being abducted by pirates and finding herself in battle against cursed immortals as well as she did). So now her strokes are confident, designed to tease and leave them wanting. With each touch she then draws the feather away, chooses where to go next and leaves Will to guess. The feather strokes over Will's chest, slowly down as far as she can reach of his arms until his bound wrists pull them behind his back. She draws it down his side, right over the very top of his stomach to make the muscles jump and then James feels his balls tighten as he watches the feather brush right over the top of Will's thighs and around his hips, so achingly close to Will's erection but never touching.

And then sometimes Elizabeth leans in so close and James can feel her warm breath ghost against his nose. Will leans towards her and James tugs on the necktie to pull him back, always keeping him out of reach because he's got such a pretty little whine.

Even so, as much fun as it is to have Will squirm against him, James also has patience which begins to thin.

Elizabeth, he says with his lips against Will's shoulder and while he watches as Elizabeth's eyes turn to him, her shaped eyebrows raised. Exactly how long do you plan to deny the boy a proper touch of yours? At the word 'boy' Will hisses softly, to which James pulls on the cloth around his neck like a collar and leash again. Will's bound wrists press into James' stomach and something hot twists deep inside him when his cock starts to press against the crack of Will's buttocks. And how long will you deny me any of your fun?

I wish to put my lessons to good use, Elizabeth says and waves then feather before her as though that would prove some sort of point. I'm sure he can go a bit longer.

Not too much, I'm afraid, Will gasps, the strain clear in his voice.

Oh, Elizabeth pouts her lips before she adds, we can build on it. Then she looks down to where James still clasps Will's thigh with one hand. His fingers press so firmly they will leave bruises the following morning and James feels that heat inside him coil into a tight spring as she regards the two men before her.

Oh, God, something is going to snap soon.

And then Elizabeth smiles at James. You want to fuck him, she says, frankly. That's what it comes down to, doesn't it Commodore?

Such words, yet spoken in such a formal tone. And with such a look in her eyes and a smile on her face.

She glances over James' shoulders to a corner of the mattress, where she knows hidden underneath are small bottles. I trust you have the lubrications you need?

He does, yet James is unwilling to let go of his hold upon Will and retrieve them. That mattress corner suddenly seems so far away if it means he must release the marking hold he has on Will's thigh or the controlling pull of the tie around his neck.

It's such a silly situation for it would only take seconds for James to get what he needs.

All the same, even a second of having to leave the press of a body which is so warm and needing, so slowly falling apart and, God, he is going to fall apart as well very soon if he doesn't get to take him!

The way I'm feeling right now, Elizabeth goes on, her voice now so low that James can barely hear her over Will's heavy panting, you could take me and then find yourself lubricated enough for him.

Oh! A moan rushes through Will's lips as his head rolls back onto James' shoulder. That's not fair!

James can only tighten the hold he had on the necktie as he watches Elizabeth carefully and tries to figure out how serious she was about that remark. But she tilts her head to one side, enough for some hair to flop down and hide one of her eyes. Her face gives nothing away and his cock doesn't so much twitch as though feel it pounds away like a drum.

But then Elizabeth seems to relent and it's she who quickly slips off the bed, lifts the corner of the mattress and takes out one of the hidden small bottles. As soon as she hops back onto the covers, she nods towards the hold James has on the necktie.


With a little reluctance, James hands over the ends of the necktie into Elizabeth's outstretched hand, as she's now set the feather aside right by her knee. In turn she passes over the bottle and then tugs Will forward. The warmth of his body leaves James and Elizabeth shuffles a little closer.

Finally James releases his grip in Will's thigh to instead grasps at his right arm to keep him balanced as he's leaned forward and Elizabeth ducks her head to kiss him on the lips. James watches, somehow able to find just enough sense to pop open the bottle and begin to coat his fingers with the salve.

Will kisses her with such need, tilts his head and stretches his neck as far as he can reach. And Elizabeth opens her mouth to let his tongue dart out. Her fingers gently brush at his hair and stroke it down one side of his neck.

James watches such an affectionate display and tries to keep half a mind on his task of slathering the salve over his cock. If he doesn't he'd probably rub one out right there.

Then there's that hint of a smile on Elizabeth's lips and she breaks away from Will's kiss just as she starts to pull on the necktie. A small sound of surprise comes from Will's throat as he's yanked down, slowly being bent over. Elizabeth's hand settles on the back of his neck, right at his nape, to continue petting lightly at his hair with her fingers as she gently guides him down so close to her body.

Just as Will's head becomes level with her breasts, he suddenly seems to draw an idea of what's happening. His tongue darts out and brushes against her chest. She gasps softly, stops her movement of pulling him down and his tongue runs over one of her hardened nipples. Will groans just as she sighs and the sounds jump right to James' cock.

He lets go of himself and judges there to still be enough lubricant on his fingers to press one against Will's backside and up. Will moans again at the touch, his legs shift further apart and his body jerks. But his wrists are bound and James holds his arm while Elizabeth has control of the tie around his neck. He moves as they allow him to.

And Elizabeth allows him those few moments while she arches her body into the movement of his tongue as he licks and sucks at her left breast. He in turn groans to the sensation of James moving his finger back and forth inside of him, starting to fuck him without James really thinking about it and slowly opening him up. Elizabeth hums softly as her eyelashes flutter and her eyes close.

They remain closed when she finds it within herself to pull down on the necktie again but Will kisses a path down her stomach. And James pushes another finger inside him. His lips press against her flesh and James sees his tongue dart out against her as well.

Now bent over, Will comes level to the trousers on Elizabeth's hips and his tongue suddenly withdraws when it touches against the material, not expecting it. But by now he doesn't need instruction. Instead he just takes the hem between his teeth and begins to pull the trousers down. Elizabeth's eyes open and she watches Will pull his trousers down her thighs using only his teeth.

Elizabeth is bare underneath and James can feel himself shake with the strain of holding back. He pushes a third finger into Will's body, thrusts them hard and catches himself start to rock his hips. But through the pounding of his heart and the way his head spins, James only just manages to hold it together. He watches Will bent over before Elizabeth's body and waits…

The moment drags on and the hot coil inside James tightens even more. He's just wondering if he may well snap when Elizabeth's eyes snap closed again, her head tosses back and she moans. Will's head is down between her thighs and his tongue presses against that wet wanting flesh.

With his breath now heaving, James pulls his fingers from Will and grasps at his thigh again to yank his legs that little bit further apart. He thrusts up inside him and Will cries out, still held down between Elizabeth's legs.

Groaning with the relief of it all and the feeling of his cock inside Will, James lets go of himself and thrusts his hips back and forth. With each push he drives himself further into Will, fucks him hard, draws out ever-loudening moans even as Will twisted his tongue up against Elizabeth's body.

Even in the dark, when James looks up he can see the flush to Elizabeth's face and the heaves to her chest as she gasps and pants through parted lips. Her fingers are wound through Will's hair, holding him down in place. But now she's let go of the necktie and tweaks her right nipple between her fingers.

Her hair continues to tumble down her back and her lips are full, her eyelashes flutter and her skin so smooth, so beautiful. So are the muffled desperate sounds from Will as he takes her taste onto his tongue and pushes his hips back towards James.

Elizabeth's eyes open and James finds himself drawn into that deep look as she observes him. Then, still with her fingers wound in Will's hair, keeping him between her legs, she leans forward and gives her gentle kiss to James. Her hand comes off her breast and rests on his shoulder to steady herself.

His eyes close and he feels Elizabeth's warm breath against his lips as she gasps and moans between those brief and chaste kisses. Her tongue darts out to flicker against his lower lip.

And somehow that's what does it. That little touch against his lips is what makes that something inside James snap and he thrusts his hips forward with a rough jerk and tightens his already-bruising grip in Will's thigh. Still with his head held down and his tongue stroking against Elizabeth's flesh, Will moans deeply and then cries out.

James' head spins and his senses fall into a mess.

Oh, God, it's so wrong.

And somehow that's such a large part of the attraction.

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