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<title>I Saw Three Ships: Title of your story</title> 

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<div class="block">

<div id="heading">

<img src="../img/2009icon.png" id="icon" width="100" height="100" alt="[I saw three ships]">

<div id="recipient"><strong>To</strong>: Your Recipient </div>

<div id="author" class="santa"><strong>From</strong>:<author> Your Name </author></div> 

<div id="fandom"><strong>Fandom</strong>: The Fandom </div>

<div id="threesome"><strong>Threesome</strong>: Character One/Character Two/Character Three <!-- (use first and last names) --></div>

<div id="title"><strong>Title</strong>: Title <!-- (required) --> </div>

<div id="prompt"><strong>Requested Element</strong>: The one element your recipient requested </div>
<div id="warning"><strong>Warning</strong>: <!-- (required) Use one of:
choose not to warn
choose not to warn for some content
no standardized warnings apply
graphic depictions of violence
major character death
underage. You may add warnings for other topics you suspect will be upsetting or triggering, but not for silly topics or things elsewhere apparent in the headers, e.g. gay sex, schmoop--></div>

<div id="notes" class="santa"><strong>Notes</strong>: <!-- (optional) Will not be displayed until authors are revealed. --></div>

<div id="summary"><strong>Summary</strong>:  <!-- (optional) --></div>



Paste your story in this space. Every paragraph should be surrounded with <p> tags. Indicate <em>italics with em tags</em> and <strong>bold text with strong tags</strong> :

	<p>This is a story about a poly relationship. Three people are romantically involved
	with one another.</p>
	<p>They are open about their relationship among themselves, although they may not be
	very public about it.</p>
	<p>This story is a present for someone. If possible, you should get a beta. If not, 
	at least run the story through spellcheck.</p>

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