[I saw three ships]
To: Settiai
From: Joanne
Fandom: Harry Potter
Threesome: Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood/Percy Weasley
Title: Things You Learn From Books
Requested Element: Books.
Notes: Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are property of JK Rowling and not me.
Warnings: Explicit sex.
Summary: Hermione and Luna bring Percy into their relationship.

"Books," Hermione answered Luna, stroking her hands down her sides. "Not the same as practical experience of course," she nods, laving Luna's erect nipple with her tongue, "but when you practice on yourself you can figure it out, most of the time."

"You're a fast learner, too," Luna whispered, her hands tangling in Hermione's hair. "And I'm learning to like it fast… ooh!" Hermione's teeth had joined the work of her tongue.

"You like that too?" Hermione whispered, moving up to kiss Luna's ear, before whispering in it. Her hand took the place of her tongue, plucking at Luna's nipple. "I like everything you're doing, Hermione," Luna moaned. "We haven't… gone this far before…."

"I know," Hermione answered, working on Luna's robes. "I want to… no one is around, we have the place to ourselves…."

"Maybe you could show me those books?" Luna suggested. "Oooh. I… after," she gasped as Hermione finally got her naked and started licking her neck, a hand moving down between Luna's legs to cup her very wet cunt.

"After," Hermione agreed, biting softly, though she knew even a hint of teeth would mark Luna's pale skin. Her fingers pressed inside Luna and Hermione's thumb stroked Luna's hard clit over and over. She did to Luna what she enjoyed, and it was far too soon before Luna's cunt tightened around her fingers and Luna screamed with joy. Hermione was very glad she had put a silencing charm on their bedroom.

After panting and smiling up at Hermione for a very long time, Luna purred. "Oh that was nice. But you must let me do something for you,Hermione."

A wave of her wand, and Hermione's robes were gone. Then she lay back on the bed. "Do what you like, darling," she said to Luna, her legs spreading. "I'm all yours…."

"Oh but you're lovely," Luna whispered. "So lovely, and mine…." she pressed kisses to Hermione's breasts, sucking a nipple and then burying her face between them, delicate bites raising a mark over Hermione's heart.

"Oh that's nice," Hermione moaned. "Touch my…."

"Your what?" Luna looked up. "You must tell me where you need to be touched. I wouldn't like to touch you in the wrong place, Hermione…."

"My cunt," Hermione whispered. "It's so wet and needy for you, Luna. Please touch my cunt and make me come."

"I can do that," Luna smiled and she kissed down Hermione's stomach, her tongue licking tentatively over Hermione's clit and moving down, into the hot wetness of her cunt.

"Oh!" for no one had ever done that for Hermione, she'd been planning to try it later with Luna but Luna had got there first and Hermione was glad she had, she liked that so much. "Oh more, darling Luna, please, lick me, love…."

Luna obeyed, concentrating her lingual activity on Hermione's throbbing clit, sliding a slim finger inside her and stroking. Again it was too soon before Hermione's cries reached a crescendo and she came, coating Luna's face with her juices.

"Oh my," Hermione motioned Luna up to lay beside her. "That's… wonderful. Much better than the fumbling boys…."

"Such fumblers," Luna agreed. She waited for Hermione to stop breathing hard, though the kisses they exchanged likely didn't help in that too much. "So you were going to show me the books you read?"

"Think you might have read some," Hermione grinned at her.

"It's amazing what you can hear whispered at night when people forget you are there," Luna answered. "Heard girls talking and it was better than they said… and you need to show me. We can be quiet, right?"

"I don't know," Hermione giggled. "You were yelling pretty loudly."

"Your fingers won't be in my cunt downstairs," Luna pointed out. "Mrs Weasley would never forgive us!"

"Oh I think we're at the time when we can be forgiven anything but I wouldn't have paid the price we have for it," Hermione whispered. They'd found each other in the aftermath of the war and no one had escaped unscarred.

Luna was silent for a moment, before kissing Hermione softly. "Let's not take the chance," she said, taking Hermione's hand and waving her wand to get their clothes back on.

"Don't know why you think having clothes on would make a difference," Hermione smiled a little sadly.

"We'll leave our wands here too, so there's no temptation," Luna nodded.

They wandered downstairs hand in hand. "I like boys, I just… as I said, they fumble," Hermione said to Luna.

"Pity Bill's married," Luna said. "He wouldn't fumble…."

"But he is," Hermione led Luna into the book room - library was not the word for it. There were too many books and nooks and crannies for it to be a calm, streamlined library. Hermione pulled off the book she'd read through again that afternoon, showing Luna the pictures after casting an illumination spell.

"Oh my," Luna looked at one. "How does she get that up her cunt? Wouldn't it hurt?"

"Or feel really good," Hermione said. "I've used a smaller one and it is nice, maybe I'll do that for you."

"Now that looks ever so nice," Luna said, pointing to a moving picture of a girl laying back, legs spread. Another girl's face was buried in the first girl's cunt and behind the second girl, a tall, handsome man fucked her hard.

"What does?" a sleepy voice asked. "Luna? Hermione? Isn't it incredibly late? What are you doing here and up?" Percy came around one of the stacks of books. "And just what do you think you're doing with that?" His tone was soft, though, almost indulgent.

Hermione gulped. She'd had a crush on Percy almost as long as she'd had one on Luna - no, longer, she'd known Percy longer. And when she thought of a non fumbling boy, his face was always Percy's.

"We're looking at this book and thinking what would be nice to try," Luna said, her honesty coming through.

"Oh," Percy said. "Might have…." he turned away.

"Might have what?" Hermione asked.

"Might have known I'd have no chance with either of you. Didn't quite think it'd be because you were with each other, though…." he sighed. "Suppose I should get to bed."

"Just a moment," Hermione said. "I need to speak to Luna…." she took her lover aside. "He's a boy and he wouldn't fumble and… I like him."

"I like him too," Luna smiled. "We could ask him to join us?"

Luna liked everybody but Hermione wasn't about to argue with what they both wanted on some level. It wasn't like she would force Luna to do anything.

"You're coming upstairs with us," she said to Percy and opened the book. "You're going to do that for me while I suck Luna's pretty cunt and then we're going to see what else we can find to do with each other. You okay with that?"

Dazed, Percy nodded. He looked like he thought he was still dreaming.

Luna took one hand and Hermione took the other, and they led him upstairs. The door was closed and Hermione put the silencing charm on again. Then Luna waved her wand and Percy was naked.

Hermione stared. His prick was more impressive than the boys she'd been with before and she sank to her knees, licking the head. Luna was behind her, a finger playing over Hermione's cunt as she watched Percy's cock disappear into Hermione's mouth.

"Not too much, going to come soon," Percy moaned. "Let me… oh god… want to come in you…."

Hermione pulled back with a soft kiss to the head. "Whatever you want," she smiled. "Tell us what you want."

"Luna, lay on the bed. Hermione, get between her legs, with that pretty arse of yours up so I can get at that absolutely gorgeous cunt of yours. I think you can guess the rest," Percy grinned.

Luna did as Percy said, her legs spreading, the pretty soft blond curls at her cunt absolutely drenched with her juices. Hermione whimpered when she saw it, and lay down, pressing her mouth to Luna's sweet tasting cunt. Her tongue worked over Luna's lips and she vibrated her tongue against Luna's clit like Luna had for her. She was so caught up in tasting Luna that she almost forgot Percy was there until she felt strong, warm hands on her hips, and a kiss was placed on her back. And then… Hermione moaned into Luna's cunt as Percy's tongue touched a place she'd never have thought of, her second opening, not her cunt but her arse. She shivered as his tongue licked and almost penetrated, but he didn't go in, instead licking down to suck at her wet cunt lips, something Hermione distinctly approved of. Though she wanted more.

"In me, Percy!" she cried, moving back just long enough to say. She felt his tongue lap up some more of her juices before he moved back and Hermione groaned against Luna's quivering cunt as she felt Percy's hot cock push into her. Oh but he knew what he was doing and it made her feel so good. She could feel long fingers stroking her clit as Percy fucked her deeply and she continued to pay attention to Luna's sweet cunt, until Luna's entire body quivered under her and Hermione's face was bathed with Luna's juices. That and Percy's fingers on her clit set Hermione's orgasm off and she clenched around Percy, feeling his cock spasm inside her and coat her insides with his come.

They lay back together, panting, Percy's arms around the girls. He kissed them gently. "I should go… it's late."

"Only if you want to," Luna answered him, kissing his wrist.

"Stay," Hermione said. "For as long as you want…." exchanging glances with Luna who nodded.

"Might be a long time…." Percy smiled at them. "Hope that's okay."

"We have a lot of other things we'd like to try, remember," Luna said, moving a hand down to play with Percy's limp cock. "But you need some time to recover and it is late…."

Hermione nodded. "We'll have plenty of time to explore more in the morning… and beyond."

They curled up together to sleep.