[I saw three ships]
To: Keine
From: Jennifer
Fandom: Pirates of the Carribean
Threesome: Jack Sparrow/William Turner/Elizabeth Swann
Title: it started with jealousy
Requested Element: Will-centric

It had started as jealousy. Watching Elizabeth kiss Jack on the deck of the Black Pearl, had set a fire in his stomach. Now, with Jack's fingers twisted in his hair and rough mouth sliding down his neck leaving his skin on fire, Will thought that that anyone would be jealous of him. Elizabeth was kneeling before him, freeing his cock from his breeches.

He wasn't exactly sure how much rum they'd gone through to get to this point, but was thinking he'd better figure it out and be sure to have that much rum always on hand.

Elizabeth's mouth was barely touching the head of his cock. She breathed out and Will's entire body twitched. Elizabeth laughed softly and then flicked the tip of her tongue across him. Will moaned softly and Jack chuckled into his neck.

"Lizzie my girl," Jack drawled. "You've barely touched the boy. He must be in deep need." Elizabeth's mouth was full, and Will moaned again.

He was in need. It had been some time since he'd been touched. There had been the wedding that wasn't. Then the hunt for Jack, and then loosing Jack. Which was swirled in overtones of seeing the kiss.

"I saw the two of you kiss." Will gasped. "And needed this. The two of you together, touching me." He twisted his fingers through Elizabeth's hair and tugged her gently upwards. Jack's hands slid round Will's waist to take hold of his cock. "Give me your mouth, Elizabeth." Will gasped, pulling her to him. She tasted sweet and salty and smelled of the ocean.

Will tugged her chemise off and filled his hands with her breasts. She giggled into his mouth and then Jack was between them, kissing first Elizabeth and then Will. Jack had taken his breeches off and they were all naked, all pressed against each other, all excited.

Will and Jack guided Elizabeth backwards, pushing her gently onto the bed. Jack pressed his face into her stomach and then worked his way downwards. Will peppered her face and neck with kisses, before moving downwards to tease her nipples with his hands and mouth.

Soon she was moaning, calling Will's name and Jack's name. Begging for one of them to be inside her. Jack increased his pace and soon Elizabeth's hips were bucking up and down on the bed. Will kissed her deeply and she came, crying into his mouth.

Jack tugged Will away from Elizabeth and they paused for a moment, watching her flushed face, and heaving chest.

"You better not be finished," Elizabeth said warningly, reaching out for them. Jack laughed and Will grinned at his two loves.

"Just enjoying the view love," Jack said smugly. "You make a pretty picture laid out like that." Elizabeth blushed a darker red and tugged Will back onto the bed. "Ah but this, this picture is a work of art," Jack teased, then leaped onto the bed. His talented fingers danced over Will's side and Will was soon breathless with laughter. Elizabeth joined Jack and the two had Will pinned to the bed. Jack swooped downwards and pressed his mouth against Will's for a long hot kiss. Jack tasted of rum and the ocean. Jack would probably taste of rum and the ocean after 40 days of sobriety in a desert. The thought made Will smile, as Jack moved to give Elizabeth the same treatment.

Will took the moment to turn the tables on Jack, Will danced his fingers up Jack's sides and then flipped the snickering pirate into the center of the bed. Jack's erection was rock hard and Will took a moment to look Jack sparrow over. A collection of scarred skin, taut muscles and tattoos, held together by love of the ocean and a heart that Will figured belonged, or at least partly, to him. Elizabeth climbed on top of Jack, pausing to press a kiss to Will's cheek along the way, sitting with her cunt directly before the pirates mouth.

"Now that we've got you trapped," Elizabeth purred. "I'd like your mouth on me again." Jack was quick to comply, and Will felt himself grow harder at the sounds.

Will ran his hands slowly up and down Jack's cock, smirking when the pirates whole body twitched. He leaned over, licking up one side of the shaft and then down the other, before pulling the cock into his mouth and sucking. He was pleased to hear Jack's muffled moans joining Elisabeth's. Will moved one hand to tease the pirates balls, smirking around Jack's cock when he noticed how tight they were. Will continued to suck Jack's cock until Jack's hips began to move. Elizabeth had just finished a second orgasm, when Will pulled her off Jack and began to position her on the bed.

Will placed her on her knees, ass and cunt pointed off the edge of the bed and moved to stand behind her. Will ran his hands over her bottom, giving Jack a moment to enjoy the view, before Will buried his cock in Elizabeth's wet cunt. She moaned and pressed back against him. Will shut his eyes for a moment, holding still. He wanted this to last. Jack chuckled at him, moving to lie on his side, propped up on one arm.

"Now this is a pretty picture." Jack smirked, running one finger across Elizabeth's cheek. She responded by snapping her teeth at the finger. "Ye were very pleased with all my body parts not a minute ago."

"That was your mouth I was pleased with," Elizabeth shot back, rocking against Will. Will dug his fingers into her hips and began to slowly drag his cock backwards, using his grip to hold Elizabeth still. She moaned and Jack slid off the bed. Will smiled in anticipation and was rewarded by the brush of Jack's fingers over his back. Will thrust forwards, and Elizabeth moaned again. "More." She breathed, looking over her shoulder at Will, and then at Jack behind him. "All of us together." She made it an order.

"As our mistresses wishes," Jack murmured into the back of Will's neck. One warm and wet finger moved over Will's ass, sliding in gently, Will pushed back against its presence and groaned. Elizabeth was hot and wet and tight around his cock. Then Jack's cock was pressing against him, Jack's hands pushing him forwards for a better angle. Jack slid forwards, and then began to move. Will's eyes shut tight, he followed Jack's rhythm, pounding it out into Elizabeth's body, as Jack pounded it into his.

Elizabeth came first, with a cry that was more shriek as she fell forwards, arms unable to hold her upper body upright. Will dragged her back upwards, so close to falling apart himself that he could feel it coming in the back of his mouth. Jack bit down on the back of his neck then, and Will shuddered, moaned and cried out, emptying himself into Elizabeth. Jack followed, biting down harder and then whispering Will's name on a strangled breath.

They fell onto the bed. Jack and Will disengaged and moved until they lay on either side of Elizabeth. Her eyes were half shut in already, almost given over to sleep. Jack reached out and took Will's hand, then lay his head down on Elizabeth's shoulder. Will kissed the side of Elizabeth's head and smiled at Jack across her form.

"Next time, you should be in the middle," Will muttered.

"Next time, I'll make a point of it," Jack promised, squeezing Will's hand.